Ensuring customer satisfaction is Beaudrey's primary concern, and part of our company policy (Beaudrey is ISO 9001 certified).

  • Delivery schedules for supplies must be respected.
  • Design and manufacturing of equipment must remain of high quality.
  • Professionalism, reactivity and competence are fundamental values to be upheld.
  • Parts
    • Three spare parts warehouses (France / USA / Malaysia).
    • 48-hour delivery for standard parts in stock (USA / Europe).
    • Customized parts: 48 hours if parts are stocked with a specific contract.
    • Online ordering and delivery status system (can be adapted to each client).
  • Improvements
    • Equipment visited at least once a year.
    • Maintenance contracts (can be developed and adapted to each client).
    • Site training available.
  • Reactivity
    • Three strategic service locations: Europe / USA / Asia.
    • Engineers available within 48 hours.
  • Professionalism
    • Highly trained and competent site staff.
    • Customer survey issued at the end of each site intervention.
  • Safety


Trash Rake ZBL Debris Filter

Our products are adaptable; Beaudrey has developed the necessary tools to make sure your retrofit is a success:

  • Site Survey
    • We will visit your site and take the necessary measurements. The responsibility to make sure the equipment fits is on us.
  • Engineering
    • All calculations and designs are performed internally by Beaudrey engineers. We design our equipment and issue our own calculation notes and drawings.
    • The company is experienced in dealing with various international codes and criteria (ASTM, ASME, CODAP, etc.). However, whenever necessary, our equipment can be designed to meet the local standards imposed by our customers.
  • Manufacturing
    • We have developed a network of skillful, flexible workshops. This strategy allows us to manufacture using the materials best suited for your site (painted carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex or super duplex) and to meet your schedule.
    • Our inspection department ensures the quality of our products.
  • Installation
    • Beaudrey supplies assembly and commissioning engineers.
    • We can work with an assembly subcontractor preferred by our customers, or provide our own.
  • Products
    • Beaudrey has a vast experience in site retrofits. We have retrofitted trash rakes, band screens, and drum screens as well as debris filters and condenser tube cleaning systems all over the world.