Trash Rake

Beaudrey Trash Rake

Beaudrey trash rakes can be used in all intake plants or canals where medium or large size debris (leaves, logs, containers, plastic sheets, algae, etc.) needs to be filtered and they can be installed with Beaudrey's patented Bio-Flush Fish Collection System. Their main fields of application are in industrial cooling water intakes, power plants, chemical plants, or for the pre-treatment of drinking water.

Bio-Flush Fish Collection System

The Beaudrey Bio-Flush™ fish collection system is designed to have minimal impact on water life that is drawn into the water intake system.

Beaudrey trash rakes equipped with Bio-Flush™ are specially shaped so that they lift the fish from the bar screen and place them in a water bucket where they are contained as the trash collector travels up towards the deck. Once it reaches deck level, the trash rake tilts and the fish fall with the flush water into a deck flume where a sufficient amount of circulating water is maintained to cushion their fall. In order to reduce the height of the fall, the head of the trash rake gently tips forward while the bucket is flushed. The flume is then emptied and the fish are returned to their natural environment.