Thru-Flow Traveling Band Screen

Thru-Flow Traveling Band Screen

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Traveling band screens are typically installed in an intake screening system downstream from the trash rakes or coarse bar screens and upstream of the circulating water pump. Their main function is to remove debris (from 1 mm-10 mm) before the circulating water is distributed to sensitive plant components.

When water flows through the panels of the traveling water screen, debris is collected on the NoCling™ mesh panels. As the screen rotates, the debris is carried up to deck level where a pressure spray flushes it from the panels into a debris trough. The clean panels then rotate back into the water, resulting in continuous, uninterrupted screening. Traveling band screens are generally installed with one of three possible flow patterns: external to internal dual-flow, internal to external dual-flow (center-flow), or thru-flow.

Value Creating Advantages

  • Protects downstream components in the water intake system
  • Retrofitting is an economical alternative to replacing entire intake screening systems. Beaudrey traveling band screens are designed to retrofit any existing intake system
  • Provides a large screening area in a compact design
  • Designed so that Beaudrey Scoop-a-Fish™ protection system can be installed on the intake screen
  • High quality construction and seals prevent any grease from leaking into the water source
  • Custom engineering minimizes the capital expenditure of the intake system
  • Framed design reduces civil work and installation costs for retrofits and new screens
  • Low maintenance
  • With rotation speeds of up to 20 m/min, the Beaudrey traveling band screen has high speed debris removal