Drum Screen

Beaudrey Drum Screen

Drum screens are typically installed in cooling water intake systems downstream from trash rakes or coarse bar screens. Beaudrey drum screens remove process water debris before the circulating water is distributed to plant components. They are self-cleaning and environmentally friendly as they are fully compatible with any of Beaudrey's fish protection systems and are designed so that no grease will leak into the water.

Beaudrey has installed custom drum screens in 37 countries with a mutitude of applications including: nuclear power, fossil power, chemical processing, LNG plants, desalination plants, irrigation systems, textile and other manufacturing facilities, steel works, oil refineries and various industrial applications.

Most recently,  Beaudrey drum screens were selected for the cooling systems of the EPR nuclear reactor to be installed in Electricity of France's (EDF's) Flamanville 3 nuclear power plant. Beaudrey will supply two drum screens, each having a diameter of 25 m, the first is currently being installed (pictured below).

Beaudrey drum screens

Below is an installation of drum screens at Qurayyah Plant located in Saudi Arabia.

Drum screen installation