Zero Ball Loss - Condenser Cleaning System

Beaudrey Condenser Tubes Cleaning System


Conventional Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems (A or V shaped) can endlessly discharge cleaning sponge balls (when grids are clogged with debris or broken, the limit switch is unadjusted). Beaudrey’s Zero Ball LossTM (ZBLTM) condenser tube cleaning system guarantees that zero sponge balls will be released into the environment. The ZBLTM protects condensers and heat exchangers from tube micro-fouling and will help them maintain thier original cleanliness. Beaudrey's proven system increases the life and efficiency of condensers and heat exchangers and eliminates the need to derate units for manual tube cleaning.

Solution: Zero Ball LossTM (ZBLTM) Continuous Condenser Tube Cleaning System

Beaudrey patented their first condenser tube cleaning system in 1923 and has continually innovated state of the art technology to keep up with the increasing demands for plant efficiency and output, all the while keeping a steadfast dedication to environmental preservation. The Beaudrey ZBLTM system is the result of over 87 years of engineering innovation and it is at the forefront of condenser cleaning technology. With its absolute zero ball loss guarantee, reliability and long-term cost advantage, the ZBLTM is quickly becoming the new market standard in condenser cleaning technology.

The ZBLTM ball strainer condenser filter is designed based on the Beaudrey “W” design principle, which allows for spare part interchangeability with our debris filter. This makes ordering and storing spare parts much easier and more cost-efficient than with classical systems. The ZBLTM is also designed with an easy, on-line ball loading system and ball sorter; both help to reduce or eliminate the down time associated with adding and sorting sponge balls.

With the growing importance and awareness of energy conservation and environmental issues, it is imperative to generate power as cleanly and efficiently as possible. The ZBLTM is a machine that showcases Beaudrey’s dual commitment to environmental preservation and plant performance. The ZBLTM is designed so that there is no escape path for sponge balls and it is forged in high quality materials with stringent quality control standards. These produce a best-of-breed condenser protection system with operational reliability and durability at a competitive price.

Problem: Tube Micro-Fouling

As cooling water is circulated through condenser or heat exchanger tubes it can leave behind silt, sand, mud, soluble elements (calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, magnesium chloride, etc.) or bacteria. When these substances settle or crystallize in the condenser tubes, they cause scaling or tube-fouling which lowers turbine, condenser and heat exchanger efficiency. As efficiency in condensers and heat exchangers decreases, the thermal cycle is directly impacted, causing an increase in heat rate. In some cases, tube micro-fouling can cause condenser tube corrosion, pitting and failure. This can lead to contamination of the circulating de-mineralized water by the intake water used for cooling, ultimately resulting in boiler and turbine damage.

Before the emergence of continuous condenser tube cleaning technology, systems would be either chemically cleaned or they would have to be taken off-line for manual maintenance and cleaning. Chemical cleaning is hazardous for workers and extremely detrimental to the environment. The down time associated with manual condenser cleaning halts production and de-rates power plant output, translating into lost profits for power plants.

How it Works

Beaudrey uses the same hydraulic principles as classical condenser tube cleaning systems of injecting elastomeric sponge rubber balls into the cooling water supply inlet. The cooling water pushes the sponge balls into the condenser tubes, beginning the circulating process. The sponge balls have a diameter that is slightly larger than the tube inner diameter, which allows them to have constant contact with the tube walls. This allows the sponge balls to scrub and sweep the tubes as they move through them.

The difference in the ZBLTM is found in the innovative ball strainer design. This system ensures that no sponge balls will be released into sensitive marine environments or cooling water towers. The Beaudrey system has been designed to be operator friendly and easy to maintain.

Value Creating Advantages

  • 100% ball recovery guarantee makes the ZBLTM the most environmentally friendly condenser tube cleaning system available today
  • No release of lubricants to marine environments
  • Decrease heat rate and increase reliability
  • Eliminate forced outages and unit de-ratings
  • Simple maintenance—designed to be overhauled in one shift
  • Reduction in tube corrosion caused by micro-fouling and scaling; condenser tubes maintain their original cleanliness
  • Reduction in the expenditure of re-tubing of condensers by drastically extending their lifecycle
  • Beaudrey “W” design principle allows for spare part interchangeability with the Beaudrey debris filter and Water Intake Protection Screen (WIP)