Welcome To Beaudrey, 100 years in business

Since 1912, Beaudrey has specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of fully customizable water screening and condenser protection equipment.

Beaudrey stop gates, trash rakes, traveling band screens, drum screens, microstrainers, pressure-line strainers, debris filters and continuous condenser tube cleaning systems have been supplied to over 80 countries worldwide. Designed to minimize operational costs, maintenance needs and environmental impact, Beaudrey offers a complete range of high quality, efficient and economical solutions to all water screening equipment needs.

Our products are found in fossil and nuclear power plants, chemical plants, oil and gas facilities, LNG terminals, and desalination, irrigation, and water treatment plants.


One Specialty

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Four Generations

Five Continents

5,000 Machines

Six Million Man-Hours

Celebrating 100 years of dedication to water screening