Environmental Protection

Environmental preservation is at the forefront of Beaudrey company values. We believe that it is our obligation to study and understand the issues facing the environment and using this knowledge; we must design efficient and reliable water screening machines that have little or no negative impact on the environment and sensitive marine life ecosystems.

To achieve this goal, Beaudrey engineers have dedicated themselves to the creation of new ideas as well as innovations on classical water screening concepts.  This dedication has led to the development of several superior environmentally friendly technologies including Beaudrey’s proven Fish Protection Systems (FPS), the Zero Ball Loss (ZBL) condenser cleaning system and the fish friendly Water Intake Protection (WIP) Screen.

Beaudrey water intake systems and condenser protection systems that are equipped FPS technologies can help power plants and other industrial facilities reduce their adverse affects on the environment by allowing them to generate power or produce finished goods more cleanly and efficiently. These improvements at the plant level can be found in:

  • Cleaner condensers and heat exchangers
  • Zero cleaning ball discharge into water sources
  • Non-toxic grease and no grease leakage into the environment
  • Significant reduction or elimination of fish impingement and entrainment in the water intake systems


Grease Recovery System Water Life Recovery Systems No Debris Discharge

Grease Recovery System

Beaudrey systems are designed to be simple yet effective. This concept reduces the number of moving parts that are necessary for machine functionality. Beaudrey systems are also designed so that grease or other lubricants will not seep through the seals and into the environment and all machines are installed with automatic greasing systems which offer numerous benefits both environmental and economical:

  • Automatic greasers provide proper care and confidence in machine longevity while eliminating some of the manual labor associated with maintenance.
  • These greasers also ensure that only the necessary amount of grease is dispersed onto machine components, eliminating the opportunity for over-greasing which causes waste and presents the risk of grease leakage from the machine seals.
  • Beaudrey only uses grease that is non-toxic to marine or land organisms in the rare event that an accidental spill occurs.